Wybory w Stanach Zjednoczonych w 1968 roku w cieniu Wietnamu — analiza polskiej propagandy prasowej na przykładzie „Trybuny Ludu”

  1. Wojciech Bednarski ORCiD: 0000-0002-2586-3107


Elections in the United States in 1968 in the shade of Vietnam — analysis of the Polish press propaganda on the example of “Trybuna Ludu”

War has always been inseparably linked to politics, and polls are extremely sensitive to it and the 1968 presidential elections in the United States were not exceptions in this matter. The research looks at the Polish press propaganda regarding the fight for the most important position in the US. As the main source was used „Trybuna Ludu”, which during this period was considered the most important newspaper in the communist media system. Collected material was subjected to both qualitative analysis (how press wrote about candidates, how the American political scene was divided in propaganda and what role in it played war in Asia) and quantitative analysis (what are dominant trends, what kind of narration predominated in propaganda).


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Oblicza Komunikacji

9, 2016, Medialne i propagandowe oblicza wojny

Pages from 113 to 133

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