Ze Wschodu na Zachód, czyli wielopłaszczyznowa lingwistyczna analiza dyskursu w pigułce

  1. Dorota Miller


From the East to the West, or a multi-level linguistic discourse analysis in a nutshell

The article refers to a model, proposed by Warnke and Spitzüller (2008), of the so-called multi-level linguistic discourse analysis (DIMEAN). The model, which in a way sums up the current developments in the thriving German discourse linguistics, combines discourse analysis on the level of intertextuality, transtextuality and discourse actors. The aim of the present article is to provide an outline of the basic assumptions of the model and to illustrate them, using a selected analysis as an example.

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Oblicza Komunikacji

5, 2012, Analiza dyskursu centrum–peryferie

Pages from 155 to 172

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