Sport jako wojna — na przykładzie telewizyjnych transmisji sportowych z meczów piłki nożnej

  1. Izabela Wasztyl


Sport as war as exemplified by television broadcasts of football matches

The aim of the paper was to illustrate the metaphor of sport as a war in the television sports broadcasts. The research material consists of four broadcasted football matches: Poland vs England (1973), Poland vs the Soviet Union (1982), Poland vs England (2012), Poland vs Russia (2012). The basic research thesis was the progressive brutality in visual aspects of television sports broadcasts. The analysis of the material shows that the imagery in the modern broadcasts is simply more brutal and dramatic. Replays, slow motion, and close-ups of the players’ faces are used more frequently.


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Oblicza Komunikacji

10, 2017, Obrazy wojny w mediach, pamięci i języku

Pages from 153 to 168

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