Prasa konspiracyjna w służbie kontrpropagandy — funkcje, cele, zjawiska językowe (na przykładzie gazet podziemnych 1939–1945)

  1. Marcin Poprawa ORCiD: 0000-0002-6035-4623


Underground press in the service of counterpropaganda — functions, goals, linguistic phenomena (as seen in underground newspapers of 1939–1945)

In the article the author examines the most important strategies of the linguistic fight against the Nazi propaganda employed by the underground press published by political parties active in the Polish Underground State during the Second World War. A theoretical introduction contains an outline of the model of political communication under German occupation (1939–1945) as well as the most important functions of articles that could be placed between political propaganda and wartime propaganda.


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Oblicza Komunikacji

10, 2017, Obrazy wojny w mediach, pamięci i języku

Pages from 57 to 98

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